GSMA Connected Community

GSMA Connected


Concept, UI/UX for an entirely user-generated visual community of connected industry thought leaders navigating the Internet Of Things.

GSMA Connected

The GSMA Connected Community was an initiative aimed at the global M2M (Machine2Machine) ecosystem. This marketplace leverages the GSMA's vision of a future 'Connected Life' - a world where consumers and businesses enjoy rich new services across many different devices connected to the internet via ubiquitous Mobile Broadband networks. Profission proposed an entirely user-generated content platform to be share insight and opinion across the industry worldwide, allowing members to be seen by, and to promote to, the exclusive GSMA audience of thought-leaders, market-makers and influencers.

GSMA Connected is a wall of visual messages, comprised of square tiles with background images and text. Each tile is the start of a conversation or a news piece. The tile expands within the wall space to reveal a textual message; and article, argument or theme starter that can be shared and commented on by other members. New or updated tiles appear at the top left of the viewport, holding prime digital screen space to the audience. Exposure and longevity on the wall is a factor of the value that the author of the tile brings to the community - the entirely bespoke platform uses decay algorithms backed with tiered member classes to maintain tile position closer to fresh content based on the frequency of author contributions and how well the tiles are received by the community.

As part of the initial brief the site was designed to be entirely tablet and mobile-device friendly, built on UI/UX design principles for devices, touch screens and desktop environments, and uses technology guaranteed to perform correctly across the board. Additionally the system was built to show off its content automatically if left without interaction - after a few minutes kiosk mode randomly spans through the tile wall, opening and closing tiles to reveal messages, transforming a traditionally active system into a presentation support for shows and events the GSMA host.

Behind the site was a fully scalable engine capable of queuing hundreds of tile creations simultaneously and allows existing tiles to be edited at any point after they have been posted. Administrators would check for offensive content, view reports on tile activity, outgoing links and manage misuse. Members could permalink to particular tiles externally and view their tiles from a profile page they can edit and share.